You'll never's snowing again...

Virginia has not gotten this much snow since we moved here. In fact, I think that we have gotten more snow this winter than our Ohio relatives. One of our friends from Canada said it best: "I moved down here to get away from this stuff!" Guess he's gotta go further south.

Thank you dear friends for your prayers. It is not over yet, but the end may be in sight, which is much better than our situation has been for months. The Lord is gracious and wonderful, a truly loving and compassionate Father, and when He gives and takes away, He does it for our benefit. We cannot know or understand His plans, but when we look back at our lives, we can see the work He's done in us and through us in 20/20 vision.

We anticipate Charlotte to start walking any time now. She's pulling up and cruising constantly, prefering standing to sitting and moving in any way to being still. When she is standing and holding onto me, sometimes she lets go and supports herself for a second and a half before losing her confidence and plopping down on the ground.

Brit and I just finished watching the movie Julia and Julie which was wonderful, and kind of makes me want to take up French cooking. The movie is two stories: the story of Julia Child writing the first French cookbook in English and the story of Julie Powell, a blogger who cooks her way through Julia Child's cookbook in a year, making every recipe. It was a fun, endearing, lighthearted film, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


  1. This is the Virginia I thought I was moving to 13 years ago, only to find mostly sleet/ice storms! The snow is beautiful and I love it, but that opinion will change if we lose power or need to go out for anything!
    Such exciting developments for Charlotte! I loved your video of her climbing the steps the other day.
    Julie & Julia - 2 thumbs up! Probably my favorite movie of 2009.


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