Stopping by Lowe's and Kroger on a Snowy Day

I have been fighting coffee for years. For years, I had been a closet coffee drinker, only drinking it at school (which, by the way, is the worst place to drink's horrible!). I started my coffee journey with Zach Glueck in high school when we would go get Frappachinnos after band camp, and then it was over until my second year of teaching. I was in a trailer that year (which I loved) with kids that I didn't always love, and the heat was broken for most of the winter. It wasn't the kind of winter we've had this year, but it was still in the 30's most mornings when I went to teach. Hence, I started drinking coffee to keep myself warm, and I discovered that it also made me a better teacher, especially for my morning classes (go figure). Then, for my birthday last year, Brit bought me a coffeemaker, and that was it; now my coffee drinking is out in the open. I still, to her disapproval, add "frou-frou" creamer, since I don't actually like coffee that tastes like coffee.

I finished my poetry unit yesterday, and as I told Rafe when he called me to tell me that we didn't have school AGAIN today, it's beautiful. It uses jazz, video clips, music and poems, and it is wonderfully crafted if I do say so myself. I even managed to work parody in, using this parody of Frost's "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening." Other new highlights include using the Alicia Keys' song "Dragon Days" for its puns and comparing and constrasting Bare Naked Ladies' "The Old Apartment" with Alanis Morissette's "Your House." I'm super excited, if we could ever get back to school. My juniors take their writing SOL in about two weeks. Yikes!

During church last night, I took notes feverishly. I haven't written that many notes since the first time I came to this church and Nick preached about the Holy Spirit. There is no way that I can condense my notes into the space of this blog, but my feeble attempt at summarizing is:
  1. The sermon focused entirely on Genesis 3 - the transgression of the Covenant of Works - verse by verse
  2. If you look at Genesis 3 verse by verse, you will see the very pattern of sin we all fall into all the time, as well as the way that Satan works to undermine our security and trust in God
  3. The sin of Genesis 3 is not just the eating from the tree, but Eve's adding to the word of God, Adam's apathy for protecting his wife, and the doubting of God, all which occured before eating from the tree
  4. God is gracious, giving Adam and Eve two opportunities to own up to their sin. He doesn't just storm into the garden, guns blazing, kicking them out. He gives them a chance to admit their sin and repent (which they wholeheartedly fail to do)

Suffice it to say, it was an amazing sermon. My favorite sermons are the ones that reveal truths about stories that I thought I knew backward and forward. This has completely changed my view of the story of the Fall.

Lastly, I'm working on a project. I'm excited about this project, even though Adam can't really envision what I'm trying to do. I'll take pictures, Shannon-style and try to show you what I'm doing. That, by the way, is why my house is messier when I'm home than when I'm at school. It's because I'm home and Charlotte's home, and we live here and that makes a mess. Haha.


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