What games are you best at?

Let's begin with the kind of games I'm not best at. I'm not best at rummy, even though I love to play it, and I usually pull it out at the end. Last time, though, with Adam and Brit, I got smoked. I was terrible the last time we played Trivial Pursuit; I got, like, one little wedge. When I play Apples to Apples with Adam's family, I lose every time, usually barely getting a card.

I'm getting pretty ferocious at Scrabble; Brit has taught me some pretty fierce strategy. I also rock at playing 2-D Mario games with Super Mario Bros. 3 being my favorite. I'll never forget when Adam and I played through that game over about a month. I beat most of the levels, but Adam beat the game in the end. I was so frustrated! :-) I like Zelda games and like figuring out the puzzles, but sometimes I don't have the patience for them - they are a little long.

Tonight we are trying out a new game with Joe and Kathy; they're watching Charlotte and we're going to dinner, then we're coming back and playing a game. It's from the makers of Cranium, so it should be a pretty good time.

By the way, we've been busy, so I'm sorry there haven't been many recent Charlotte pics. I'll try to post some new ones tonight.


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