Another Snow Day

I'm beginning to stress a little about the snow days. As I said to my colleagues yesterday during One Day Registration, I'm not trying to plan a July graduation. Everyone laughed at that, but I was serious. :) Not to say that I don't LOVE the time off with my darling little girl, but I've never really felt the urgency of finishing the school year on time as I do this year.

I just started reading my mentee, Allison's blog, and she posted about the book we've been reading together, Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God by Noel Piper. Christian biography is difficult for me because I am very susceptible to missing the point: the point is about God's work in and through an individual, not about the individual. For me, the temptation is to become legalistic about it, turning that person into an alternate savior and role model. Sarah Edwards and Lillias Trotter, no matter how faithful and steadfast they were, were still sinners like I am, and I cannot hope in them and not Christ.

That being said, Allison and I agreed that Sarah Edwards was our favorite person to read about (unless Helen Roseveare knocks it out of the park today...which she may). The subtitle of Sarah Edwards' chapter is "Faithful in the Mundane," and I think that phrase is so encouraging. How often do we feel like our lives are boring, ordinary and mundane, with no way to glorify and honor our Lord? How could God possibly use us as we clean toilets, buy groceries and care for children? But God is honored when we do all of these things, even changing diapers, to His glory, being mindful of Him and prayerful at all times. And stories like Sarah Edwards' encourage faithful women that being hospitable, dutifully raising obedient and ultimately faithful children and supporting your husband are not menial tasks. They are beautiful pictures of the roles that we were created for. Without getting on a feminism soapbox because I know that most of my followers are kindred spirits in that regard, women were not created to be smaller men. We were created specifically for purposes which we have been called to. Women are not lesser, just different, equal but not the same. Praise God for these differences, because when we embrace them, our lives are fuller and more fulfilling than we ever could have imagined, not oppressive the way the world paints our role.

In Charlotte news, she learned to climb the stairs yesterday while I was gone. She's a little hesitant in this clip, but she's already gotten much faster and more confident.

Lastly, our family is in need of prayer. We are in the midst of much, and specifically we need prayer for discernment, wisdom and faithful obedience to what we discern. I apologize for not sharing more, but for all things, there is a season.


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