Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oh, yes...

I've been playing on Pinterest when I should be doing work. :) Happy Saturday night.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Pictures Catch-up

Here are much anticipated summer pictures. Sorry that it took me so long.

 At the Columbus Zoo
 The unsuspecting prey of the polar bear in arctic climates...
 The polar bear meets its worthy adversary...

Uh oh...looks like someone is ready to start moving...
 Hanging out with Grandmother and Grandad

 Pace faint at Dollywood

 Hook 'em Horns...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School

"What?!" my non-teaching friends are thinking. "What do you mean you're going back to school! We're not even halfway through August!"  "I know," I respond, "And yet, here we are."

This is the first year since Charlotte has been born that I'm not a basketcase about going back to school. I'm not panicked, nauseous, filled with dread, overwhelmed (well, the week is young for that one, haha) or feeling inadequate in one or many areas.  Here is what I have decided: we are a school family. Adam is a teacher, I am a teacher, and we will go back to school every year until we retire. So, I started a tradition today of celebrating the first day of school a little. Not dreading it, mourning it or bemoaning it, but celebrating it as a family. I know that some stay-at-home moms do this when their kids go to school for real, but since my family goes back to school every year, we are starting a little happy tradition on the first day of school. Here it is....

A little present for Charlotte: two bracelets from my stint in retail this summer to be opened at dinner.

Rice Krispie treats for an after-dinner treat.
And that's it. Simple, but a nice little teaching family tradition. Happy First Day of School!