Saturday, September 29, 2012

Homecoming Game

Charlotte helped out at the Homecoming Game last night. She gave the scepter to the queen, but we just called it a wand. It's tough to explain what a scepter is to a three-year-old. :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

There's nothing like it.

There's nothing like getting waylaid by the word of God and the Holy Spirit during a sermon, praying, confessing, repenting and being forgiven, loving on the saints in the body, grieving with those who grieve, and on the ride home from church, a little voice in the back sings very softly:
All is well
With my soul
He is God
In control
I know not
All His plans
But I know
I am in His hands.

Praise you and thank you, Lord. I will worship you all the days of my life. Amen.

Today's Pictures

I don't know why, but for some reason, today was a very picture-worthy day. Here is a summary of our day...
 Like every Sunday, we went to church this morning (which will get a whole lot easier when Jonah stops waking up in some kind of agony on Saturday night). Charlotte wore a new dress and tights, and although she's making a very strange face, the outfit was worth the picture. You can't tell, but the tights are navy and white striped, and Charlotte LOVES tights.
Charlotte decided that she didn't need a nap after church, but Jonah, on the other hand, zonked out for a good three hours. I went in to put some laundry away and thought he was so cute sleeping that I couldn't resist taking a couple pictures.
 That's some good sleep. :)
 Right before dinner, I brought a chair from the basement up to Charlotte's room so that she could sit at her desk. I had meant to do this for a while, but now that Jonah's crawling AND pulling up (all within four days!), I moved her coloring books and crayons into her room. It made sense, then, to give her a chair so she could color. As I was making dinner, I peeked in on her, and took this picture covertly.
 There's a lot to this last picture. Charlotte brought me this notebook and showed me some of her writing. I asked if she wanted to try to write her name, so I modeled it for her at the top of the page. I also explained to her where the letters start when we write and where they finish (I also told her that, since she was left-handed, she wouldn't like that very much). She went to her desk and tried very hard to copy what I wrote. She did a good job, huh?
And that was our day. Now the kids are in bed and Adam and I are finishing up school work so that we can start the week a step ahead. Soli Deo Gloria, y'all. Really.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday update

I love Thursdays. I really do. I love the anticipation of the weekend without the dread of going back to work. I love looking forward to relaxing that we don't usually get to with all our weekend to-dos. And for some reason, I have a renewed energy on Thursday night to get things done. Like today, I took some pictures. Enjoy.

 Oh, and this was in Charlotte's room. See what it is? It's a chalkboard. :)

And look at this guy. :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dance Class

 So, here they are: the pictures from the first dance class. Charlotte is taking a 45 minute ballet-tap class, and she had an absolute blast today. What's funny about Charlotte is that she always starts out something new being tentative. I think that next week, she will be significantly more excited than she was today, just because she will know what to expect. You can see her above holding the peanut butter crackers I packed for her for after class. Then, a picture of her on the way home - exhausted. :) Since we can't take pictures during class, this will have to do for now.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Being an English teacher

Ah, Pinterest...where have you been all my life?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Don't Panic.

Everything is fine. BUSY but fine. So busy, I can stop to type this for ten minutes before I go do something else.  We are adjusting. That is something you need to know. It is a difficult adjustment, but we are getting there.  Charlotte is starting dance classes in a couple weeks, and I can't wait to post about that. :)

I talked to a dear teacher friend at church yesterday, and she said something very innocent to me: "It must be hard to be a Christian mom and a teacher at the same time." Honestly, that simple comment laid me out for a moment. I had nothing to say. I almost started a pitiful downward spiral into...but no, I didn't. I responded by saying something like it is hard, but it's doable.

So here it is, what I should have said: God has called me to teach. He has not called me to any other vocation but teaching. Did you know that it is awful to be in public education right now? It is. But it's my calling, and my Lord who knows all things has equipped me to do it. Is it tough to have two little-little kids and teach high school English of all things? OF COURSE! Isn't anything worth doing tough at times? Marriage, parenting, homeowning, functioning as a human being, deep-seated faith in my Lord Jesus Christ? Yes, it's tough, but we run the race faithfully, running the course that God has given us. And this is the course God has given me. The last thing that I will not allow our family to forget: this is a season. We will not always have two kids this small. We will not always be pressed as hard as we are pressed. If you'll recall, we were much harder pressed three years ago at this time.
So don't worry about us. If you don't hear from us, give us a call. We are fine and happy, albeit busy, running the race that God has called us to. I hope you're doing the same. Soli Deo Gloria.