Today's Pictures

I don't know why, but for some reason, today was a very picture-worthy day. Here is a summary of our day...
 Like every Sunday, we went to church this morning (which will get a whole lot easier when Jonah stops waking up in some kind of agony on Saturday night). Charlotte wore a new dress and tights, and although she's making a very strange face, the outfit was worth the picture. You can't tell, but the tights are navy and white striped, and Charlotte LOVES tights.
Charlotte decided that she didn't need a nap after church, but Jonah, on the other hand, zonked out for a good three hours. I went in to put some laundry away and thought he was so cute sleeping that I couldn't resist taking a couple pictures.
 That's some good sleep. :)
 Right before dinner, I brought a chair from the basement up to Charlotte's room so that she could sit at her desk. I had meant to do this for a while, but now that Jonah's crawling AND pulling up (all within four days!), I moved her coloring books and crayons into her room. It made sense, then, to give her a chair so she could color. As I was making dinner, I peeked in on her, and took this picture covertly.
 There's a lot to this last picture. Charlotte brought me this notebook and showed me some of her writing. I asked if she wanted to try to write her name, so I modeled it for her at the top of the page. I also explained to her where the letters start when we write and where they finish (I also told her that, since she was left-handed, she wouldn't like that very much). She went to her desk and tried very hard to copy what I wrote. She did a good job, huh?
And that was our day. Now the kids are in bed and Adam and I are finishing up school work so that we can start the week a step ahead. Soli Deo Gloria, y'all. Really.


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