Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Evening

Too cute to not videotape. :) Soli Deo Gloria, y'all!

Fancy Birthday Party

 Saturday afternoon, Charlotte went to a Fancy Nancy birthday party for her friend, Ansley. All the girls came in fancy attire, had their makeup, hair and nails done, put jewelry on and had a fashion show. Hysterical!

 Just to clarify, this outfit wasn't technically "fancy," just kind of a normal Charlotte outfit.
 Getting her makeup done...
 So fancy!
 Her fancy braided hairdo (not done by Mommy).
 Ansley's dad, Brett, was a good sport. He filmed the girls as they came down the stairs, one at a time, for their fashion show. The picture I took of Charlotte coming down the stairs had her blocked by that column, but I will tell you that she savored her time in the spotlight, sashaying with her hands on her hips, not smiling like Victoria Beckham. :)

And some videos. I think this party will be the talk of our house for quite some time. I also think that Charlotte and Ansley may be exactly the same because this was Charlotte's perfect party.

Why We Took Charlotte Out of Dance

So that she could do more of this.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just a Season

I have a spare second, so I took a couple of videos to post. 
We are so busy right now. Seriously. As if our time is a commodity just like our money that we must conserve at all costs; there is literally nothing else in our schedules we can cut. Yet we are strapped for time at all times, it feels like.
Adam's parents came to visit last weekend; more pictures of that later. :)
And do you know what? This is just a season. It will not always be like this: two small kids, busy, stressful jobs, long drives to everywhere we need to be. This is just a season. And we must fight for joy. And if you are in a difficult season, then so must you.

P.S. As a funny side note: Charlotte has started saying "Negative" instead of "no." Not in response to direction, but if I ask her if she wants some milk, she'll say, "Negative" instead of "no." Hilarious.