Fancy Birthday Party

 Saturday afternoon, Charlotte went to a Fancy Nancy birthday party for her friend, Ansley. All the girls came in fancy attire, had their makeup, hair and nails done, put jewelry on and had a fashion show. Hysterical!

 Just to clarify, this outfit wasn't technically "fancy," just kind of a normal Charlotte outfit.
 Getting her makeup done...
 So fancy!
 Her fancy braided hairdo (not done by Mommy).
 Ansley's dad, Brett, was a good sport. He filmed the girls as they came down the stairs, one at a time, for their fashion show. The picture I took of Charlotte coming down the stairs had her blocked by that column, but I will tell you that she savored her time in the spotlight, sashaying with her hands on her hips, not smiling like Victoria Beckham. :)

And some videos. I think this party will be the talk of our house for quite some time. I also think that Charlotte and Ansley may be exactly the same because this was Charlotte's perfect party.


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