Just a Season

I have a spare second, so I took a couple of videos to post. 
We are so busy right now. Seriously. As if our time is a commodity just like our money that we must conserve at all costs; there is literally nothing else in our schedules we can cut. Yet we are strapped for time at all times, it feels like.
Adam's parents came to visit last weekend; more pictures of that later. :)
And do you know what? This is just a season. It will not always be like this: two small kids, busy, stressful jobs, long drives to everywhere we need to be. This is just a season. And we must fight for joy. And if you are in a difficult season, then so must you.

P.S. As a funny side note: Charlotte has started saying "Negative" instead of "no." Not in response to direction, but if I ask her if she wants some milk, she'll say, "Negative" instead of "no." Hilarious.


  1. I love Jonah's dance moves! And I guess you do not need to buy him any presents for birthday or Christmas...just give him the boxes from Charlotte's gifts. I can't believe how big Charlotte is getting. Love the "Negative" that is awesome.


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