I surrender

Because my Jonah eats so much, I was thinking that it might be more cost effective to make my own baby food (you wouldn't believe how many little containers we go through in a week!).  Yes, that which I have scoffed at for three years finally seems like a good idea to me. So here is my first batch of sweet potatoes, made with ONE sweet potato.
To you moms who have been making your own baby food, I surrender to your ways. I repent for judging you and will judge you no longer. I am a believer.


  1. Ahahahaha! I've tried this too and HATED it. I hope you have a much better experience than I!

  2. Glad you're giving it a try. :) from my experience it's really very minimal effort. Welcome to boys... they begin at the very start of eating to live up to the reputation of eating you out of house and home!

  3. I am so thankful I didn't know before now that you judged me! :) Haha! So so fun to make your own food- I found great great joy in it. :) I then, later, surrendered to Gerber for ease.

  4. I loved making baby food! The cost savings made me love it even more. I'm hoping I'll love it just as much second time around. hope you are enjoying every minute of summer.


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