Sunday, April 25, 2010

Texas Pictures

Let me start with an explanation: we did not bring our digital camera to Texas at the beginning of April. We thought about it as we crossed the border into North Carolina (to catch our plane in Raleigh-Durham). So, the only way for us to record our adventures throughout the week was through a disposable camera purchased (for probably an extortionate amount) at the Houston Zoo.

I did not know that the camera was like a time machine, making all of our pictures look like we visited Texas in the 80's. I know that we have become spoiled with digital cameras, but the quality of real film cannot possibly have been this bad. Surely, we would have remembered it.

Anyway, here is our documentation of Texas, two decades ago.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Giveaway from One of My Favorite Bloggers....

I love Jasmine Bauchum's blog, Joyfully at Home, and she is currently promoting her dad's book and the DVD of the conference called What He Must Be...If He Wants to Marry My Daughter with a giveaway. So good (oh, and the post itself is wonderful also), check out her post here. The picture above is linked to the site that sells the DVD and book - check it out. :)

And the new ailment is...

...well, it started as FIERCE allergies. Charlotte was really suffering with our inhumane pollen levels this past week and weekend, and in hindsight, maybe taking her to the Sunday School picnic after church on Sunday was an error... Anyway, the doctor confirmed yesterday when Adam took her that her allergies have moved into pnemonia. It's a mild case of pnemonia, but pnemonia all the same. This has been a tough couple months for her: chicken pox, allergies and now pnemonia. :( So is life with a kid: there's always a new ailment.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


So, I know that videos are not pictures, so here are some pictures that we've taken over the past week. I'll write more soon :)
Here is the Hanna Anderson dress we bought Charlotte at the Houston Galleria in honor of Jill who loves Hanna Anderson.

This is Charlotte helping me make dinner last night.

Here she is playing with her reflection in the oven door.

And a nap shot Adam snapped this week. She's laying on top of Curious George - that's his head between her legs. Haha.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Like a breath of fresh air, it is Friday. I am psyching myself up to run again today. What's on your running playlist that I should add to mine?

Thursday, April 15, 2010


We had an English teacher retire last year: a wonderful sage career teacher who had seen many changes, both good and bad in the education system. She had no children and hundreds of children all at the same time. One of the things she said to me last year as we were talking of her upcoming retirement has resonated with me this season: "You know what I'm looking forward to about retirement? Enjoying the month of May. Think about it. May is a beautiful month, but we spend it stressed about the end of the year, SOL testing and final exams. I can't wait to enjoy May."
How true this sentiment is. Since being in charge of the senior class, I cannot think of May or the beginning of June without nausea and panic, at least in the back of my mind. Now, as the weather warms up and the attention of my students wanes, I find myself trying to cram fourteen different tasks into a six hour day at school, I wish that I could just bask in the coming summer, not run full speed ahead and slam into summer headon.
In other news, my friend Sarah called this blog encouraging when we talked last night. That in itself encouraged me, reminding me of the reason for the blog and the purpose of my life and my family's life. Thank you for being a good friend, Sarah, even when I haven't always returned the favor.
Now, as promised, another Charlotte video. Single ladies, anyone?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Running with Proud Mary

I have a love-hate relationship with running. Most people do who have any kind of relationship with running at all, but mine is passionate. I deeply despise running with all of my being while I'm doing it. I gasp for air, curse the music on my iPod and swear that I will never run again...and then I go another lap. I feel like my neighbors are making fun of me, muscles I didn't know I had are burning, and then I'm done. It's like I've run through an imaginary finish line, and as I'm walking a lap to cool down, I feel amazing. My world is simpler, the air is sweeter and suddenly my evening is an open book before me.

All this because I ran today. I psyched myself up the entire drive home to run. I was excited. Brit just ran a 5K and after we talked about it, I decided to pick back up the running relationship I had abandoned basically when we moved into this house. Now, here's the kicker. On my iPod are three things currently: a sermon, the Uncharted 2 video game soundtrack and "Hit Me Baby One More Time." Suffice it to say that I only ran one lap. :) Oh well; it's a start.

Life in our household is more or less back to normal. We all have a little bit of jet-lag. I went back to school this morning for the last 8 weeks of school. And Adam and I played a little bit with the video camera today. He got the better clip, but mine's pretty good too - for another time, I suppose.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Texas Update #2 we are back in Houston and most of our possibility lies in San Antonio, we think. Our interview today was kind of snooty and left us both feeling kind of bummed, but we think that the two districts we interviewed with in San Antonio have real potential for jobs for us. Charlotte has been wonderful, but understandably is about done with not being in her own crib.
We are coming home tomorrow EARLY (with, like a 4:30 am wakeup call) and then we will figure out our next step. No jobs yet...their losses :)
Thank you all for your prayers; we love you.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Texas Update #1

So our first two interviews were today, one in Houston and one in San Antonio, and here is what we know:
  1. We did really well, people were super nice and positive, Charlotte was good when she needed to be and didn't sleep at all during the 3 hour drive. There is definitely potential in these two districts.
  2. Texas districts, generally, don't usually hire until May or June and can wait as long as July or August to hire. That is not the way that we want things to work, but it is what it is. Adam guessed that God is trying to teach us patience and His timing, not ours. We must fully rely on Him and we are.

Tomorrow we have the day off in San Antonio, then a job fair Thursday. I'll keep you posted (just without pics...I left the camera at home so we bought an old-fashioned disposable :) ).

Friday, April 2, 2010

The chicken pox have died down, thankfully, and we are off on our journey tomorrow! We will be going down to Raleigh tomorrow night to stay for our flight to Houston on Sunday. Please pray for:
  1. Endurance. We are traveling for an extended period of time with a toddler, a well-behaved, lovable toddler, but a toddler all the same. Pray that we will have patience and that Charlotte will be docile and sweet during our travels and interviews. Pray for flexibility and easy adjustment.
  2. Opportunity. Not just any opportunity, but the right opportunity. Pray that each interview would be two-sided, with us evaluating the district as the district evaluates us.
  3. God's Will. Ulitmately, this is the aim, always, but in this trip especially. That we don't get our hopes up about where we shouldn't be. That we don't get frustrated about where we should be. That we are prayerful, decisive, wise and patient.
  4. Safety. There will be a lot of flying and driving. We fly out Sunday night and return Saturday afternoon.

Thank you, dear friends. Have a lovely Resurrection Sunday and praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New(ish) Ladies Against Feminism website

I love the idea of this new (revamped) website, Ladies Against Feminism. It's written by godly women who want to honor the Lord with their lives, and is full of encouragement for all of us striving against the current of the world. Have a lovely Thursday, and I will write more soon.