Texas Update #1

So our first two interviews were today, one in Houston and one in San Antonio, and here is what we know:
  1. We did really well, people were super nice and positive, Charlotte was good when she needed to be and didn't sleep at all during the 3 hour drive. There is definitely potential in these two districts.
  2. Texas districts, generally, don't usually hire until May or June and can wait as long as July or August to hire. That is not the way that we want things to work, but it is what it is. Adam guessed that God is trying to teach us patience and His timing, not ours. We must fully rely on Him and we are.

Tomorrow we have the day off in San Antonio, then a job fair Thursday. I'll keep you posted (just without pics...I left the camera at home so we bought an old-fashioned disposable :) ).


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