The chicken pox have died down, thankfully, and we are off on our journey tomorrow! We will be going down to Raleigh tomorrow night to stay for our flight to Houston on Sunday. Please pray for:
  1. Endurance. We are traveling for an extended period of time with a toddler, a well-behaved, lovable toddler, but a toddler all the same. Pray that we will have patience and that Charlotte will be docile and sweet during our travels and interviews. Pray for flexibility and easy adjustment.
  2. Opportunity. Not just any opportunity, but the right opportunity. Pray that each interview would be two-sided, with us evaluating the district as the district evaluates us.
  3. God's Will. Ulitmately, this is the aim, always, but in this trip especially. That we don't get our hopes up about where we shouldn't be. That we don't get frustrated about where we should be. That we are prayerful, decisive, wise and patient.
  4. Safety. There will be a lot of flying and driving. We fly out Sunday night and return Saturday afternoon.

Thank you, dear friends. Have a lovely Resurrection Sunday and praise God from Whom all blessings flow.


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