Running with Proud Mary

I have a love-hate relationship with running. Most people do who have any kind of relationship with running at all, but mine is passionate. I deeply despise running with all of my being while I'm doing it. I gasp for air, curse the music on my iPod and swear that I will never run again...and then I go another lap. I feel like my neighbors are making fun of me, muscles I didn't know I had are burning, and then I'm done. It's like I've run through an imaginary finish line, and as I'm walking a lap to cool down, I feel amazing. My world is simpler, the air is sweeter and suddenly my evening is an open book before me.

All this because I ran today. I psyched myself up the entire drive home to run. I was excited. Brit just ran a 5K and after we talked about it, I decided to pick back up the running relationship I had abandoned basically when we moved into this house. Now, here's the kicker. On my iPod are three things currently: a sermon, the Uncharted 2 video game soundtrack and "Hit Me Baby One More Time." Suffice it to say that I only ran one lap. :) Oh well; it's a start.

Life in our household is more or less back to normal. We all have a little bit of jet-lag. I went back to school this morning for the last 8 weeks of school. And Adam and I played a little bit with the video camera today. He got the better clip, but mine's pretty good too - for another time, I suppose.


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