Texas Pictures

Let me start with an explanation: we did not bring our digital camera to Texas at the beginning of April. We thought about it as we crossed the border into North Carolina (to catch our plane in Raleigh-Durham). So, the only way for us to record our adventures throughout the week was through a disposable camera purchased (for probably an extortionate amount) at the Houston Zoo.

I did not know that the camera was like a time machine, making all of our pictures look like we visited Texas in the 80's. I know that we have become spoiled with digital cameras, but the quality of real film cannot possibly have been this bad. Surely, we would have remembered it.

Anyway, here is our documentation of Texas, two decades ago.


  1. THAT is hilarious- they do look like you went on a trip to Texas in 1980!! LOL!

  2. Haha! Yes, we're spoiled by digital, too. Still, the disposable camera was better than nothing. Looks like you guys had a great time.

  3. Ah...yes...but there is something comforting about the grainy pictures - like the 'scritch' of a vinyl record (you know...the black, round things that were made of plastic and you had to use a needle to get the music from??). As much as I adore the clarity of digital cameras and compact discs, something about the graininess just feels like home.


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