We had an English teacher retire last year: a wonderful sage career teacher who had seen many changes, both good and bad in the education system. She had no children and hundreds of children all at the same time. One of the things she said to me last year as we were talking of her upcoming retirement has resonated with me this season: "You know what I'm looking forward to about retirement? Enjoying the month of May. Think about it. May is a beautiful month, but we spend it stressed about the end of the year, SOL testing and final exams. I can't wait to enjoy May."
How true this sentiment is. Since being in charge of the senior class, I cannot think of May or the beginning of June without nausea and panic, at least in the back of my mind. Now, as the weather warms up and the attention of my students wanes, I find myself trying to cram fourteen different tasks into a six hour day at school, I wish that I could just bask in the coming summer, not run full speed ahead and slam into summer headon.
In other news, my friend Sarah called this blog encouraging when we talked last night. That in itself encouraged me, reminding me of the reason for the blog and the purpose of my life and my family's life. Thank you for being a good friend, Sarah, even when I haven't always returned the favor.
Now, as promised, another Charlotte video. Single ladies, anyone?


  1. OMG Love the VIDEO! That is one of our favorite songs...we've changed the lyrics "all the hungry babies" and "if you're hungry then you gotta put a bib on it"
    Love you!


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