It's Super Bowl Day

And we are not having a big party. We're not really Super Bowl Party kind of people. We'll go if we're invited (last year we went over to the Shaffs' for a low country boil...yum), but we aren't just invite a bunch of people over for junk food and watch a game no one really cares about kind of people.

I know people care about the Super Bowl. Just not anyone in our house. It's not even usually a good game (it was last year, though...) and the ads are mostly for dot com companies we've never heard of... I don't know. I just think that it's a generally over-hyped event that we watch because we feel like we must, not because we want to.

So we had church today. My pastor announced on Wednesday night that basically, no matter what it took, we were going to have church. So we had church, but no child care, which as the mother of an infant I didn't mind, but with a toddler, church without child care is a totally different story. Charlotte is fine in my lap for, like, five minutes, then she wants me to read the same book to her over and over again or she wants to get down and scoot around the sanctuary which isn't entirely appropriate for an hour-long sermon. So, I put Charlotte down and she was playing fine down in front of our pew (she dropped her Little People Mary from her nativity set, and she rolled to the pew in front of us, but it was fine), and then it happened. She was leaning forward, and she sat up quickly, cracking her head on the book ledge on the pew. I knew it was going to be bad when she waited about a minute to start screaming; babies have a way of making a vortex around them after they hurt themselves, sucking in any small planetary masses or insects as they gear up to scream their faces off. This was no exception. Adam was on the end of pew, and after we saw her do it and cry initially, he said, "Go, go, go, go," to me hurriedly, but it was too late. Three steps into the middle aisle, Charlotte screamed bloody murder, and I actually turned around to apologize to my pastor. He made a joke about it, (what, I couldn't hear because I was holding a very upset toddler) then kept on with his sermon, telling me later that he was just glad it hadn't had a domino effect like that usually does in a room with kids. All this to say that I have no thoughts or notes from today's sermon, only that the scripture sounded very powerful and pertinent to our lives at this present time.
I took this video while Brit and Adam were beginning dinner for the SUPER BOWL...anyway, I thought it was amusing, even when Charlotte gets mad at the end.


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