According to my grandmother, stereotypes exist for a reason. In my experience, politically correct or no, I have found this to be true. The stereotype about English teachers (even though I guess there are many...) is that we are only English teachers because we can't get our writing published. To a point, I think this is true; I feel that I'm getting into a writing funk.

This couldn't happen at a worse time of year. Yes, we have snow days coming for a couple more months, but then my senior class sponsorship duties kick in for the end of the year, and I can barely breathe, let alone teach and take care of my home. So this is not the time of year for me to be dreaming of book contracts, plotlines and character names. But I kind of am.

I picked up something I wrote a couple years ago, pre-Charlotte, and I read it, and it was pretty good. So that's probably part of it. Fluffy plot, like usual for me, but well-written and kind of funny, also usual for me. So will I write? I don't know. I'll probably try. What will I write? No idea. I want something real, not fluffy, and God-honoring, but not sappy Christian lit.

No sermon thoughts today since we had extended session in the baby room with Lisa. All but one of our babies slept for some of the time, so it was a pretty easy day. Tomorrow, we begin again, and since I've failed miserably at the 5 o'clock club this past week, I'm going back to the first rule: when your alarm goes off, get up. Hope you had a good weekend. Soli Deo Gloria.


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