New Shoes...

Charlotte and I used the snow day yesterday (I had a feeling that we would have one, so I scheduled the appointment...:)) to go back to UVA and pick up her new nighttime braces. Aren't they sporty compared to her old ones? They seem like they would be (to me, who doesn't have to wear them) much more comfortable than the old-school ones that she's been wearing.

I found this charity where we can donate our used braces, and since club feet aren't genetic, I think that we will do that with the old braces. If you're interested in the charity, it's here. Cool, huh?

Other than that, today was a freebie snow day. Charlotte and I went over to Erin Carroll's house to play with Julia and baby Mason. It was a lot of fun, the girls helped make pizza and I didn't bring the camera. Sorry, Brit.


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