Weekend Wrap-Up

Here are two pictures taken this weekend.

This weekend, Adam and I took our now-traditional trip to Staunton, VA for our anniversary. (Oh, and for my out-of-state family, it's pronounced "Stanton;" here's looking at you, Bellefontaine, OH heehee.) Staunton is the home of the American Shakespeare Center and an exact replica (mostly) of Shakespeare's indoor Blackfriars theatre. This is the first year we've gone together (I went for a workshop a couple years ago) since last year, Faust was playing and that isn't really up our alley or romantic at all. This year, we saw Comedy of Errors on opening night and it was fantastic. Hilarious, innocent fun, with acoustic renditions of "Walkin' on Sunshine" and "Play that funky music" performed by the actors during the intermission.

The rest of our anniversary trip went as it did last year: dinner at Shenendoah Pizza (which was PACKED because there was a band setting up to play - no, Dad, we didn't stay because we had to get to the playhouse), a visit to Blue Mountain Coffee for Brit and Pufferbellies for Adam and Charlotte. This year, we stayed at Franklin House, a cute B and B that is not really like a B and B. Before we left this year, we took the tour of the theatre (because, as I told Adam, we have to take the tour) and that's where these pictures came from.

Here's the house, the theatre only seats 300 (but in Shakespeare's time, without fire regulations, 500 would have crammed in the same space.)

The lights stay on during the whole show. That makes the actors able to play off of the audience and patrons can all see everyone in the theatre. It's very cool (and very historically accurate :)).

And Adam in the door onstage.

We had a great time celebrating our six years of marriage, and look forward to doing it again next year. I know I promised you a mushy anniversary post....sorry. :)

Here's a preview picture for the next post....


  1. Now, if I had known you were up at 4:47... Syd has a canine coming in and we've become, much to the chagrin of Mommy and Daddy, 4 o'clock clubbers. Sounds like you had a blast, hon. I haven't been in years, and I think it's time Steve and I corrected that.

  2. You know the time on this site is never right, right? This was about 7:47, which is downright luxurious for a school morning. :)

  3. Ah...I see. I thought it merely posted the time you START the blog post, but perhaps I am wrong. Either way, if you're up at 4:30 tomorrow, give me a ring! :-)


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