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Today was a fun-filled day in our house. Thanks to my parents' generous Christmas gift, we had new bedroom furniture delivered today. But first, we had to clear out the old: two dressers from both of our childhoods, and two kids' nightstands (we bought them because at the time, real nightstands were too big for our bedroom).

And all of the furniture piled into the guest room...

Then, while Adam was showering, Charlotte decided to play with my shoes...

She liked these black ones the most - I think they stayed on the easiest.

Before we went shopping, I put Charlotte's hair into a ponytail. How cute is this picture?

And then, at the end of Charlotte's nap, the furniture came! These delivery men were the best we've ever had, putting down blankets, tightening hardware and ever giving me some advice on where to put this chest.
And here's the dresser and one of the bedside tables.

Nice, huh? Thanks, Mom and Dad! Now, maybe our bedroom won't be so neglected in terms of decorating and cleaning. :)


  1. love the new furniture. I still haven't convinced Ryan that we should buy some for our room. Cyrus and Charlotte have the same taste in shoes. Cyrus says "heels" when he asks to wear my work shoes. And he knows my steve madden's are pumps - lol.


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