Three-Day Weekend

The Renard family had a three-day weekend this past weekend, and it was wonderful. We went to Wendy's for Friday lunch, to the park at the top of Mill Mountain on Saturday while our house was being shown and Charlotte, Brit and I made the Kohl's Lynchburg commute Saturday morning. The weather was wonderful, spirits were high and Charlotte, of course, was adorable.

Charlotte was perfectly happy to stuff her face with chicken nuggets and French fries (but let's be honest, she's usually content to stuff her face with whatever we put in front of her). Adam even taught her a trick that she thought was funny. She likes to try to feed us right now, as well as play with our faces, so she really enjoyed this trick with Daddy.

I didn't bring the camera to the park, but ultimately, it didn't matter since the park is not as great as Adam and I remembered it. There weren't even swings, just one big fake rock and a slide. So we just walked around, holding one of Charlotte's hands as she wobbled her way up and down the hill to the star. Simon thought everyone was there to throw things at him, and it was a very nice afternoon.

This picture is on the way home from Wendy's. Awww.

Here's Charlotte playing with my new scarf. All right, maybe I helped her a little bit with this shot, but we did have a very nice time playing with the scarf together.


  1. How does she get more adorable everyday? I don't know how it's possible, but it happens. :-P


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