Sunshine Day

When I came home from school today, I was greeted by Adam and Charlotte playing in the front yard waiting for me. It was a beautiful afternoon, and a very sweet surprise to see them both. Adam even took some pictures. Charlotte loved being outside in the mid-60s and sun, but did NOT like the way the grass felt. Adam actually laid her down on the grass, and she would move in every possible way to get her skin off of the grass. It was hilarious. You'll also notice, Liz, Brittney and Kristen, the "I Love My Auntie" onesie. That's for you three ladies.

Before I came home, Adam took a couple pictures of Charlotte as she watched an airplane go by. Apparently, she was very quick to find the plane in the sky and watched it fly across the horizon. However, she did not, Mom, ask when the plane was going to land at its destination. Smart kids are so annoying :).

Other than that, nothing much to report. Our house is on the market and the cleanest, most immaculate and beautiful it has ever been. March is halfway over, Charlotte still isn't walking and our Lord is still glorious. "I have a shelter in the storm, when troubles pour upon me. Though Satan charges me with guilt, Your grace will not refuse me." Hallelujah.


  1. love the picture of you and both look beautiful.


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