Charlotte pictures

I promised pictures a week ago, and here they are. Today was a busy day; Jerry and Dennis came over to help us work on the house. We put a new front door on (and by we, I mean that we stood around and watched Jerry do it) and put down new mulch (see previous comment, just about Dennis instead). I'll take pictures tomorrow in the daylight. Charlotte was a general crank-monster today; we think she was cutting more molars, so here are some pictures that I have from the last couple weeks.

For some reason, Charlotte loves Simon's bone. I think even more than he does sometimes. She gets a hold of it, and is just tickled by carrying it around with her.

This is one of my favorite looks: "What? Am I not supposed to be doing something?"
And, a bath shot. I really will stop taking bathtime pictures, but she is just so happy and cute when she's taking a bath. Whoever would have thought she would like baths after screaming her face off in water the first six months of her life?


  1. I can't wait for Charlotte's next trip to the ocean!

  2. Charlotte's bath time picture is adorable - that's one happy baby!


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