Snowed In

This is the view out our bathroom window yesterday. The weathermen said that we could get 2-8 inches of snow, and we were very skeptical. They were right! Everything in town shut down for the second time this winter: the malls, the fast food restaurants, the stores, everything. Church this morning was even cancelled.

There's Adam taking Simon out. He came back sooner than expected, saying that Simon quit halfway down the road and turned around to come back home. Haha! Here we thought huskies liked the snow.

I cleaned up around the house, and worked on my mountain of laundry. Charlotte was helping me, and then she got bored and decided to move on to the adventures of the hallway. Everyone says that our lives will change when starts walking, but I feel like she's already so mobile, that when she starts walking, it won't change anything much more than it already is. I could be wrong, but I feel like we've already adjusted to mobility as a family.

Since we were inside all day, Charlotte had a lot of opportunity to play around the house. It was a good thing, because she's getting some top molars and she was a little fussy and tired all day. I took more pictures than this, but I'll save some of those for later. Here she is at one of her favorite spots in the house, Uncle Nicky's coffee table with the stereo on it.

Today was also the first day that Charlotte took any interest in her lion walker, cruising up and down the hallway like it was no big deal. This was right before she went to bed, and I knew that she had turned into a pumpkin when she was crawling and fell over, hitting the rug with her face and bursting into tears. Yup, bedtime.

There will hopefully be a more thoughtful post later, but I needed to post pics for the family. Hope you enjoyed them!!


  1. Looks like Charlotte and Cyrus are like minded about the lion walker! Cyrus hated the thing until yesterday, now he can't get enough of it. This morning he kept crying when he would get the lion stuck - very cute.

  2. Can I just say how much I LOVE your blog?! You're a great writer. I really identify with what's is going on in your life and I share the same viewpoint on so many of your topics.
    Keep it up!
    How exciting to see Charlotte liking her lion! Zane took some time to warm up to his, too. He still prefers any and all electronic devices over his "real" toys.


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