For the out-of-state family newly watching this blog, I'd like to present some of the most recent Charlotte pictures. We've had trouble remembering to take them lately; photography is fun and easy when babies are immobile, but chasing after a toddler with a camera, trying to get her to smile while telling her not to touch things is a bit more difficult. Of course, the timing plays an important part as well, since after about 6:00 pm, the level of cooperation with photography decreases significantly and steadily until bedtime. You can always tell who in the family is behind the camera - that person is never in any pictures. As you can probably guess, that person in our family is me. There are twice as many pictures of my husband on our camera than of me, and of the half I'm in, in about half of those, I look mediocre at best. Oh well.

Playing in Daddy's office.

A bathtime mohawk.

Cruising on the coffee table in pajamas.

And asleep. That green thing is her foot. The closest that we can guess is that she was sitting up in her crib because she didn't want to go to sleep and then she just got so tired, she fell forward and asleep. Haha.

I'll try to be more conscientious about filling your Charlotte quota. In the meantime, let me know what you think of my new blog.


  1. Welcome Kathleen! I am SOOOO excited that you are blogging. I love it, and I hope that you do too. I am linking you to my blog in hopes of getting you some traffic! ;)

  2. love the pics! and I'm always the eyes behind the camera in our family too :)


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