A Night Away

Adam and I went to Staunton, VA to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. I promised you pictures, and I have brought back pictures.

This is the beautiful lobby of the Stonewall Jackson Hotel, where we spent the night. Isn't it just out of the Antebellum South? There was also a lovely breakfast in the morning that was part of our package.

Here's Adam being goofy in the lobby, "reading" a magazine, and me on the second floor looking down into the lobby.

Adam HAD to get a picture of me with Stonewall. We especially liked to the little plush Stonewall on the bottom of the case.

This picture will not surprise any of you. Our celebratory dinner took place at Shenendoah Pizza in downtown Staunton. Now, neither of us had any intention of going to a pizza place for dinner; we were both ready to branch out and eat at one of the fine local restaurants recommended to us by various Staunton residents. Except...we went to each of those places, looked at the menu and the dining room and really, those places weren't us. Not that they were bad, they weren't. They just were very not us. And Shenendoah Pizza really was. It was comfortable and cozy and the pizza was wonderful. Our waiter, Luke, the quintessential college student who works at a pizza place, took this picture for us. The other one is one Adam took of the actual restaurant.

Most of our time in the late afternoon and evening was spent walking around downtown and going into fun-looking stores. This sign was a particular favorite of mine at the front of a darling children's clothing store. The woman there was very sweet and helpful, even though we didn't end up buying anything. There was also a sign back by the dressing rooms that said, "Shoplifters will be killed and eaten." This lady has my sense of humor.

After dinner at Shenendoah Pizza, with leftover pizza in tow, we went to see the movie The Blind Side at this movie theatre. It's a wonderful little theatre with four screens, two upstairs and two down, and they're raising money to turn it into a performing arts theatre that can still show movies. Very neat.

And the best part about taking a night away was coming home to a Charlotte who was very happy to see us.


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