And September comes and goes with one sad blog post. I know, y'all, and I'm sorry. Pregnancy has really thrown off my groove. Oh well. One of my goals is to be easy on myself about it (not just not blogging, but everything nonessential) and that includes not bemoaning you about it either. I'm honestly just doing what I can; I know that's enough for you all.

I did, though, as I promised my mother, take a couple pictures this weekend to post, as well as a video. Pictures are harder now as Charlotte is almost three: she sees the camera and immediately becomes a different child because I am taking her picture. I have no idea where she got that from. Anyway, I took a couple pictures of her yesterday as we were hanging around the house. This first one is her playing with all of her food at her table. Not really cooking, just playing with her play food.

And then this one is a shot of her and Daddy as they were watching football on the computer upstairs. Charlotte's becoming quite the football fan, and of course, we are teaching her all the appropriate allegiances...the 5-0 Illini, for example. :)

This video is what it is, not really all that special, but something. It is Charlotte's version of a well-known song at breakfast...see if you can guess what it is.

P.S. There's a trip to the pumpkin patch this week - stay tuned for those pictures.


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