Physical Limitations

It is no great secret that this pregnancy has kicked my butt significantly more than my first one. It's just been physically harder this time, and that has made everything in life all that much harder. Letting emotions slip, allowing myself to feel overwhelmed and inadequate, panicking about things that are commonplace; all of these things come easier when I feel physically weak.

But in this, here is something that I know: I know that I have physical limitaitons for a reason. God created us as finite beings with limits so that we would depend on Him. In this time, right now, He's upping the ante a little with me. I must depend on Him or I will wear myself out. I must focus on my glorious Lord and Savior and not on the work I feel too exhausted to do, both at school and at home. My comfort and joy must be rooted in Christ because everything else is fallible, especially me right now. That is the biggest challenge - I can't just do it on my own.

Don't fight the physical limitations that the Lord has given you. There is only so much you can do, but there is nothing He can't do. Soli Deo Gloria.


  1. Your physical limitations are my biggest fears and that's why I have a consultation to get my tubes tied on Oct 20th!!!!! Lol!!!! If I can help you in anyway please ask. PS. I feel the way you do and I am NOT pregnant. :) Did I make you feel better?


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