10 Things Thursday

As I discussed on the inagural post of 10 Things Thursday, I am indeed too burnt out to even think about posting a coherent, maybe inspiring, encouraging or theological blog today. But what I can do is offer to you 10 pictures of Charlotte from her two pumpkin patch trips this week - one Saturday with us and one Tuesday with the daycare center and Brit.

1. Cheeseball. That's all for that picture.

2. Mommy and Charlotte in front of a bulldozer full of pumpkins. Sweating our faces off in high-80 degree weather.

3. Walking through the pumpkin patch. This was difficult because of all the vines covering the ground. Charlotte's really only been walking for five months and is not the most steady walker yet, so this navigation was pretty difficult. And it was blazing hot. :)
4. Charlotte on the hayride to/from the pumpkin patch. I don't really think she was amused at all by the ride, only enjoying the breeze that we got because we were moving.
5. Charlotte's favorite part of the pumpkin patch when we were there was the "animal alley." She got so excited to see real animals that she knew all of the names of. This sheep was her favorite, for Uncle Nick. It's a shame (not the sheep, keep reading), because most of the other parts of the place were crowded with older kids that would knock her over, so she didn't really get to do very much until she went with the center on Tuesday. 6. Here begins the pictures with the center. One of the things Charlotte got to do with them that she couldn't do with us was ride the cow train. As you can see, she was riding Gertie.7-9. Brit said that Charlotte's favorite part of the pumpkin patch when they went on Tuesday was the corn crib. It's basically a covered sandbox full of corn kernels.
10. And here she is tonight after she finished eating dinner. After two pumpkin patch trips in one week, church until late last night and a day of playing at the center, she was one tired pup.


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