10 Things Thursday

I think I'm going to start a new thing. By Thursday, I'm usually so fried that I can only think in snippets, not eloquent paragraphs like Tuesday's post. So, I'm going to try to start 10 Things Thursday; feel free to join me on your blog if you like.

10 Things I love about being home with a sick child:
  1. She's more cuddly than normal (albeit more whiny than normal) and I love taking care of her.
  2. I can pee whenever I want. No, seriously.
  3. I can help my husband get out the door faster and refresh him better when he returns from work (this week, his super-chaotic first week of teaching in the city).
  4. I can take care of things around the house that need to be done (which, I realize, is a no-brainer, but this is still Thursday.)
  5. I can ignore all of the things that "need" to be done in order to rock my toddler to sleep for her nap, something I haven't done since she was a little baby.
  6. I can play praise music when she sings "Jesus" randomly during our day, and we can both sing and dance to it together.
  7. I can watch Sid the Science Kid on DVD with her in my lap. We can also watch her Baby Einstein's World Animal Adventure which she loves.
  8. I don't have to go anywhere. We can stay at home together with Simon and not leave the house for anything.
  9. She can sleep when she needs to sleep and eat when she needs to eat. So can I.
  10. It's like a free day, not part of a stressful week. Anything that gets done is a bonus because no one expected anything to get done since I was going to work originally.

There, that was nice. I hope you're having a great day like I am at home with my sick Charlotte. What is your favorite part of today?


  1. My favorite part of today is watching my kids sleep peacefully after a long day of playing hard. It's also incredibly sweet to see my children comfort each other. Their smiles and giggles melt my heart. AND all fo this is a gracious gift from GOD that I try very hard NOT to take for granted.

  2. I'm totally stealing this at some point! my favorite thing about today was coming home and first hearing Cyrus little feet from the other side of the house pitter pattering towards me, and then seeing him sprint full speed, with the happiest look on his face, into my arms. It made my horrible day at VT so much better!


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