Using my gifts, time and talents....

Today at school, I spent my planning period helping to clean the English office. I bring this to y'all's attention for several reasons (none of which is to brag, please don't think that...):
  1. It is a filthy mess, and seeing my progress was quite uplifting during a usually fruitless(-seeming) time of the day.
  2. I was able to bless fellow coworkers with the homemaking skills God has given me.
  3. The office is closer to becoming a place where we can all land during the day if we need a space.

Our skills can bless others in ways that we often don't see. I never would have considered using my homemaking skills at school, but today, I decided to put my "home as a haven" mentality to work AT work and make the "English office a haven" at school. And you know what? I feel like I truly glorified God in it, and I have a much more positive outlook today, partly, probably, because of it.

What can you do today to bless someone with the skills you have, even in unusual places? Can you be more organized? Make a space more calm? Ease someone's mind without having your own brought down?

In other news, my currect memory verse is Ephesians 2:10; feel free to join me if you're not memorizing something right now. ;) Soli Deo Gloria, friends.


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