To, there's not enough time. To sum up...

Life has been busy for the past two weeks. If you know us, then you know this. First of all, we praise God that Adam has gotten a teaching job. God has literally made a way where there was not a way, blessing us in our obedience to stay in Virginia. He will probably be teaching first grade, but that could change since his school doesn't go back until after Labor Day. My work week, on the other hand, starts Monday. I know that I am teaching English this year, and that's about it, but I am ready for the year ahead. It has been a very relaxing summer with my family, and I look forward to what else God has planned for us in the next year.
First on the picture list are pictures from the rehearsal dinner for Adam's sister's wedding at Buca di Beppo in Columbus, Ohio. Here's Adam's parents, Barney (who Charlotte calls "Papa" for "Grandpa") and Kim.

Here's Brit making a crazy face....

And here's me...

The next day, wedding madness ensued, and I don't know what Charlotte would have done without Brit there, since Adam and I were both in the bridal party. The coolest part of the wedding day though, by far, was the bridal party getting pictures taken on the Ohio State football field.

Neat, huh?

Since we've gotten back from Ohio, we've taken it very easy this last week of summer for me. We made a trip to Lynchburg to visit Kohl's (which is a very long story) and had lunch at Firehouse Subs, one of our new favorite spots.

Ultimately, though, this post was inspired by this morning's chocolate chip pancake experience. I will have more meaningful posts soon, but for now, this is it.


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