Some pictures before we leave...

Yesterday, Charlotte requested to wear her tutu all day. One of my favorite things about having a toddler is that we let her, and got to see how cute she was in it all day.

Then on Monday, she wanted to wear Adam's tie, so he tied it for her and helped her put it on.

Here she is in her headband, looking at herself in the mirror.

And one of the current favorite games is playing with bags, any kind of bag. She understands that things go in bags, and that when you put something in a bag, you can carry the bag and carry the thing. This, to her toddler mind, is delightful. She loves to find bags, put random things in them and carry them around. This day, she was using this gift bag to carry around a bunch of random receipts that she found around the house. She would put them in the bag, walk to the couch, unload the bag and look at the receipts, then put them back in the bag and walk to another room. Hilarious.

And here she is with "Kitty," after walking around with her as well. She's really not big enough to carry Hello Kitty, so that was quite amusing as well, but since I couldn't get a picture of that, here's a picture of them together.

We are going to Ohio later today for Adam's sister's wedding. Woo Hoo! Enjoy the pictures and I'll post soon.


  1. If she really loves tutus, I sell them for $7-$10. LOL! She can have one in every color.


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