Calming an infant

There are many tried and true methods of calming an upset (in my case, gassy) infant. Here are some ways that work in my house, in order of them working:

5. Adam's burping (which is somehow much better than mine)

4. Laying said infant on its stomach on someone's chest

3. A vibrating bouncy chair

2. Gas drops and/or gripe water (I haven't tried gripe water yet; I'm hanging onto it like a life raft just in case...)

And last, the most effective infant soothing method in my house (for BOTH of my kids)...

1. Meat Loaf - the singer, not the food.

I'm not kidding. Jonah was fussing for about an hour when Adam was working at the game store this weekend, and he was only quiet when I was holding him. After about an hour, I remembered that Charlotte always quieted down when we turned on Meat Loaf (or Classic Crime or any other kind of guitar-heavy rock), so I put it on. And voila - before Meat Loaf had begun to sing "I Would Do Anything for Love," Jonah was asleep in his baby seat. Haha.


  1. Your babies just have good taste in music...Love Meatloaf!


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