Arts and Crafts

I'm not what I would classify as "crafty."  I don't really do the cutting and pasting thing.  Charlotte and I went to get her some scissors and glue sticks this week; I also got her some pink glitter glue which was very exciting for her.  Then, during nap, I googled cut and paste worksheets, finding this one where you cut out the apples and paste them on the tree. 

I decided to let Charlotte cut out the letters on her own.  Adam laughed later and said that I learned something that every kindergarten intern learns: children have to learn to use scissors. :) Haha.  After she had "cut out the letters," I cut out the ones that could be salvaged and gave them to her to glue onto the tree.

 She was very serious about gluing the letters onto to tree.  I tried a couple of times to get her to color either the letters or the tree, but she wasn't really interested.
 The piece de resistance of course was the pink glitter glue applied liberally to most of the letters.  Yup, this took overnight to dry. :) Haha.


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