Lazy Weekend Meals

Friday nights are always a relief, nights when we have no more energy as a family. Every couple of weeks, we will make/order pizza on Friday night and watch a movie. This Friday, we ordered pizza that was a great deal and rented Despicable Me (which was hilarious). We ate downstairs in front of the TV as a family, and it was just what the doctor ordered for what was a long, sort of crappy week for everyone.

Charlotte's crazy after-a-whole-day-of-daycare ponytail.

Oh, and she rediscovered her rocking horse for a little bit, even though she's disappointed that the batteries ran out. :)
And this is tonight's dinner. Usually Saturday is "new recipe" night, but tonight, I just made chili mac with turkey. Charlotte had spaghetti-o's and applesauce before we ate, but then she saw our "miscetti," and she wanted some of her own. Baked cheetos rounded out her meal.
Oh, and we don't take baths on Saturday night. The joke was on us tonight. :)


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