We did it!

Thanksgiving, I mean. We made a successful Thanksgiving meal, relaxed and let gratitude fill our home. Truly, it was wonderful. Last night, we put up the Christmas tree, and decided that two-year-old Charlotte (or anyone, I think) is not really helpful in decorating the tree.
I am excited about this season. I realize that many people say that every year, but I am not usually one of them. Some years, I'm just not into it. But this year, as traditions begin to form, I find my anticipation of the season growing. Adam and I are getting back to basics in our marriage, cutting away sin, pride and worldliness that has grown uninhibited for too long. We are looking very forward to our parents coming to visit in the month of December, excited to see them interact with walking, talking, laughing, singing, dancing Charlotte. God is so good and gracious, and we give thanks to Him for His many blessings. As I've read on the blogosphere this week, even when it seems that we have nothing to be thankful for, in those frustrations, we have blessings that we take for granted.
Soli Deo Gloria.


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