Birthday Party pictures, etc.

I know, I's been a long time. I know it's been a while when my wonderful husband checks my blog and says, "That's the last time you wrote a post?!" So, since I had a handful of pictures to post, this post is dedicated to the grandparents, out-of-town aunts and uncles.
This is a picture of Adam and Charlotte a couple Fridays ago, eating pizza for dinner and watching Aladdin. I think this is a fun family tradition to consider....

Speaking of family traditions, we have begun a tradition (that is by no means original) of having cinammon rolls on Sunday morning before church. In his book, Family Driven Faith, Voddie Bauchum says that our homes should incorporate the gospel into the five senses. What does the Lord's day taste like in your house? What does it smell like? What does your home sound like? Just some things I've been thinking about.

Here's Brit's pre-birthday party picture. She'll probably be appalled that I posted this picture. :)

Here are my pig cupcakes...I was so excited about them.

Charlotte wasn't really her cheery self at the party. As a matter of fact, she was downright grumpy. But this is my favorite picture of us from her party - with the bear that Joe and Kathy gave her. :) Thanks, Lisa, for taking the pictures at the party.

On Sunday morning before church, Adam and Charlotte played with Charlotte's favorite toy of the day so far, the princess tea set. Love you all, and I will post a thoughtful post soon. :)


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