Splish Splash

We went to the pool today, much to the surprise of Brittney who's been asking us to go for weeks. And the answer is, Charlotte still does not understand why people go to the pool for fun. It was the perfect pool day, hot and sunny, but she still had a death grip on whoever had her while she was in the pool, doing a combination between whining and crying the whole time. Oh well.
Here's the gang (I'm taking the picture :)): Allison, my mentee, Brit and Adam with Charlotte. Notice that Charlotte still looks terrified, even around people she knows and loves.
So, I took Charlotte out of the pool and put her in a little chair Brit brought for her. Here she is, chomping on animal crackers we brought.

After a while of her squinting at me, I gave her my sunglasses. She looked like such a little diva sitting perched in her chair eating her cookies with her shades. :)
Basically, it goes without saying that our time at the pool was MUCH better than our weekend excursion to the Salem Fair. It's not worth blogging about at all, but here are some pictures of it anyway.


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