Breaking the Silence

I realize that it has been a week solid since I have posted anything, and I apologize for this radio silence. For those of you who know, I had a banquet to plan for 400 people this week.

In other news, knowing that I put the video in the middle at the risk that you might not get any further than it, Charlotte can walk!! She just started walking from person to person in the past couple of weeks, and can actually go quite far - farther when she's not thinking about the fact that she might fall down. Enjoy the video, and I apologize for the fact that she isn't wearing a shirt; I promise that we're not raising her to be our little redneck child. :)

Something else I have been thinking about a lot in the past couple of weeks is something that I heard on the Dr. Laura show. Some of you know that I listen to Dr. Laura every day on the way home from school, and love the outlook that she has on most things. She is, I think, a very positive famous person in a world of sinful morals, even if she isn't exactly Christ-driven. Anyway, something she said has made me think a lot and maybe it will make you think too: Children don't live in the future, they live in the present. It doesn't matter what you, as parents, intend to do or are working toward. It is each day that children see, absorb and appreciate. It is not what we are working toward, because children cannot see past today. We as parents can, and should be wise about the decisions that we make today in light of the future we anticipate, but so often, in life, we get caught up in what will be and not what is. I did it before I had a child, and continue to do it, probably every day. I look forward to the summer, or next year, or our next child or Adam's new job. Sometimes though, our mind needs to be childlike, and we need to focus on the day at hand. After all, that is what Christ commanded us to do.

Here is Charlotte with Auntie Liz whose wedding shower we went up for last weekend. She has just finished walking from Grandpa to Liz.

Here's Adam reading Charlotte her new favorite book, Hello Kitty Goes to School.

Where Adam found Charlotte one day this week after he was finished getting dressed.


  1. I especially like the excitement in Adams laugh after she walked to him.
    Oh and Cyrus loves the potty too!


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