Superheroes, Hairdos, and Feet

Pictures for the first Monday of Summer Break 2013.

The kids started Father's Day as superheroes, running around wearing Adam's t-shirts as capes.  Charlotte understood it was funny to be a superhero.

Jonah just understood it was funny.

Dona, Dona, Dona, Dona, Dona, Dona, Dona, Dona, Jo NAH!

Saving sisters from the tyranny of small plastic trash cans.

Then, last night, Charlotte gave herself her own after hours hairdo.  Adam and I discovered the look when we checked in on her before we went to bed.  It is almost every hair band she owns.

Smiley Charlotte at lunch.

Smiley me at lunch.

Smiley Jonah, showing off his foot, at lunch.

Oh, and Charlotte got new shoes to wear with her brace. She seems to like it, but encouragement would help. 

Much like everything else we have done with the surgery, she got to choose the pattern.


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