Drumroll, please...

I now officially have TWO blogs! Hurray!

This blog will remain (or become again) a blog about biblical womanhood, balancing work and family, homemaking, raising kids and being a teacher all the same time. I feel like I have something to say about these topics, and I know that women in my position in the Christian community need support, encouragement and good ideas. This is what my vision for this blog is.

My new blog, http://guidingtheirhearts.blogspot.com/ will post pictures and videos of my children for my out-of-state family members who don't get to see them that often. Check in to see what our family is up to.

Up until this point, trying to do both things on this blog has been a challenge and had begun to hinder the vision of it, so I hope you like the changes. Of course, you are welcome to visit and join either blog. Thank you, dear friends and family!!


  1. Yay! I look forward to both. I am seriously starting to think I have ADHD because I cannot seem to find focus for any particular thing. I like it all and I try it all. Something for me to explore... Glad you're back from vacation. Want to get together? :-)


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