Humbled by a Story I've Heard a Thousand Times

Family worship in our house in nothing extraordinary. We put Jonah to bed, sit on Charlotte's bed together and read a story out of the Jesus Storybook Bible. We read through the Bible and then start over again from the beginning. After we read the story, we go around and choose someone to pray for. Then we pray as a family, and then we read another book. Simple. Routine. The length of a 4 year-old attention span at bedtime.
Tonight, I had a hard night. No particular reason, just an exhausted, overwhelmed and flustered kind of afternoon/evening. We didn't have sauce for the pasta that was planned for dinner. We didn't have eggs for our backup dinner of pancakes. Adam was running late. It's not Spring Break yet. It was just a hard night. We got through it, of course. Adam took Charlotte and me to Firehouse Subs. The kids got baths and got into bed. No harm, no foul.
When we read to Charlotte tonight, the story was an extraordinarily familiar one: the Christmas story. I know it's spring, but that's where we are in the book right now. So we're reading the story, and God convicted me. Using a children's book and a story. The angel tells Mary about the baby, Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem, Jesus is born, the end.
Except today, I thought that if I were in that situation, I would probably be annoyed. I would be tired and grouchy to be giving birth in a stable. I would probably be cold and uncomfortable. I would be less inclined to gaze at the baby face of the Savior of the world and more inclined to worry about my current circumstances.
Because that's how I felt tonight. I felt wrapped up in my circumstances and overwhelmed, and lost focus of Christ's majesty. God's plans. His provision. His care for His sheep. His mercy and wisdom. His peace. And suddenly, with everything back in the right perspective, I feel better. Still tired, but better. Praise God for His conviction tonight. I hope it finds you where you need it. Soli Deo Gloria, y'all.


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