Charlotte's surgery day

 I know you will be wondering, so here are the pictures of Charlotte's surgery day. We had to get to the hospital so early that Charlotte got to color for a while before we got called back.
 Charlotte in her gown (and hoodie because it was freezing everywhere we went!)
 Charlotte's mask
 Mommy and Charlotte before heading in
 Charlotte post-op with the bunny that Pastor Eddie and Pastor Brett brought for her.
 Eating goldfish post-op with Daddy
 Getting in the wheelchair to go home
Maxing and relaxing on the couch. :)

Thanks for all the prayers; God definitely hears our prayers, especially in times like this.


  1. So glad to see her beautiful smile :)
    Annie will be terribly jealous of the pink cast!

  2. What surgery? Right back! @

  3. thankful she's doing well!!

  4. Yay, Charlotte! So glad she's ok. :-)


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