The Great Room Shift

Today was the day: the day that Charlotte's room went from a baby room to a big girl room. What a day it was - she and I went and picked up the mattress (which we tied to the top of the Tribute...haha), we picked out bedding, Adam moved furniture and I cleaned, mopped, dusted and straightened. Charlotte was EXTREMELY excited all day, and so thrilled with her new stuff that she didn't mind letting her old stuff go. Phew.

So, here are the BEFORE pictures. We were even still using her changing table if you can believe it :)

And here are the AFTER pictures. It's not done quite yet - there's a lot of little stuff to finish doing that will probably take until the baby comes in December. She's not moved into her dresser at all (that's the thing behind her rocking chair) and there's a hutch that goes on top of it that we haven't figured out how to secure yet. We moved out some of her stuff animals to make room for some more of her toys, and the room that the dresser space frees up in the closet will probably go to toys too, but we'll see. At least the big stuff is done.
What do you think?


  1. Aw a big girl room! It looks great. I'm so glad Charlotte was excited and happy.

  2. I think it looks great! Can't wait to see it for real. My only question is what's with the toys r us sheet over the window??

  3. I LOVE her room. It is soooo big girl looking. :D


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