The Final Swimming Lesson

I know, it's silly, but swimming lessons have really been the determiner of our schedule for the past two weeks. And now they are over. Here's how it all ended up:

  1. Charlotte had a little bit of a cold/cough this week. I think it was mostly VBS hangover from last week. Anyway, because of that, she was SUPER GRUMPY about swimming both Tuesday and Wednesday (i.e. we went through the lazy river on Wednesday, and after screaming most of the time, she said, "Towel! I want towel!")

  2. So she's mostly been inconsistent. Some days, she loves the pool; other days, it's torture. What does that mean? Well, it means she's two. :)

  3. Yesterday, for the epic "last swimming lesson," the teachers turned on the water in the indoor water playground (which I tried to find a picture of to put on here, but couldn't find a good one) and let the kids play for the last ten minutes. And Charlotte had a blast! She went down the slide multiple times; every time she went down, I thought she would freak out, and every time, she got up and went to "do it again." It was a great way to end the week.

Baby update: I'm 16 weeks pregnant (and for all of you boys following along at home, that's 4 months, haha) and things are going well. Big ultrasound day is August 2, and no, we're not caving and finding out what it is. :) I think that's everything...if you want to know anything, ask, I guess. :)


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