Still recovering...

I know that scientifically speaking, you can't "catch up" on sleep. However, I have slept a TON so far this weekend, and I still feel tired, which leads me to believe that my body is, probably a little, catching up on sleep. Adam says that he's not surprised; that we were so amped up in the past two weeks trying to get through the end of the year, that it's no wonder it caught up with me. All I know is that today after church, I took an hour nap and yesterday afternoon, I took two naps during the afternoon, totaling an hour and a half. That's tired.

Of course graduation went well. It was FAST: we graduated 271 kids in an hour and fifteen minutes with 6 student speeches. I'm thrilled that I don't have to go through this again next year, and it's still sinking in that this school year is over. I really don't remember getting through the last nine weeks, being exhausted, nauseous and pregnant through it all, and now I am extremely excited for it to be summer.

Plans this summer? Everyone takes beach trips here, and we're not really beach trip people. Not that we couldn't be....I'm sure we could definitely become people who went to the beach every year. But instead, right now, we are at a season in our lives where we go visit family in Ohio over the summer. And that is what we will do in July, go visit family. Have the grandparents see and spoil Charlotte.

Teachers often make summer resolutions the way that normal people make New Year's resolutions. Things we will do or not do to be better people at the start of next school year. I don't have my summer resolutions made yet, but really the most important one right now is digging out of all the clutter that has accumulated in the house in the past month. There is junk everywhere....laundry, mail, dishes, stuff from school, and that is the first priority.

Here's a short video of Charlotte playing this afternoon. Nothing super special, just cute.

Here's another picture of her can't see to lotion at her side, but she's putting lotion on baby Snow White. Since we put lotion on her so much.

Sleep well, and soli deo gloria.


  1. Kathleen...good to find you! What a beautiful little family you have! Congratulations on little one #2!! I'm so glad you stopped by my little space on squeezing it all in and I hope I get to see you there again!


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