A Definitely Spring Saturday

It was such a Spring Saturday that even Adam got bitten by the spring cleaning bug this morning. We spent most of the day cleaning the house up, taking a trip to Toys R Us before lunch to get out of the house a little. I got to go to my decorating superstore (Dollar Tree!!) and pick up some spring decorations for the house, and though we worked a lot today, it was a truly wonderful day. We opened the house, grilled salmon for dinner....ah, spring. :)

I even took some pictures for you:

This is Charlotte hanging out in her room (reading the Bible, btw) while Mommy packed up some too-small and too-big clothes.

And below, is a long awaited video. This event is a daily ritual at our house. Charlotte is putting baby Snow White to bed. The mound covered with blankets is baby Snow White - we don't know why Charlotte doesn't let her breathe while she's sleeping.

Enjoy :)


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